2024 Ireland Tech Arena

Server Fleet Management At Scale

Shape the future of Cloud Computing at the Huawei 2024 Ireland Tech Arena!

Join us in the "Server Fleet Management At Scale" competition, where your innovative solutions can drive the next wave of technology.



Data centers in cloud computing are the backbone of our digital world, powering businesses, and services globally. As a participant, you'll tackle the critical task of optimizing data center server inventory.


This is your moment to showcase your analytical modelling, optimization, and simulation skills, learn from industry experts, and compete for exciting prizes and internship opportunities. Whether you're studying in Ireland or the UK, this is your moment to shine and make a difference. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to contribute to a high-stakes, high-impact field.

Sign up now and take your first step toward transforming the cloud computing landscape! 


  • Registration Phase

    Until Aug. 30, 2024

    Register on the platform to participate in Phase 1 for a chance to be selected to attend the final Hackathon during Phase 2!

  • Phase 1

    Aug. 19 - Sept. 6, 2024

    Submit your solution on the platform and climb higher on the leaderboard!

  • Preparation Phase

    Sept. 7 - 20, 2024

    Top performing teams, up to 70 people, will be invited to the final Hackathon in Dublin!

  • Phase 2: The Hackathon

    Sept. 21 - 22, 2024

    Live a 2-day unique Hacking experience with your teammates, Huawei mentors, and pitch your solution for a chance to win!


Phase 2: The Hackathon

September 21-22, 2024

  Selected teams will have the opportunity to work with their teammates on the development of their solutions, along with mentors from Huawei, in a fully equipped space with access to food and drinks in Dublin, Ireland! 

At the end of this 2-day Hackathon, teams will pitch live in front of a Huawei Jury Panel for a chance to win many prizes! 

The top finalist teams can win prizes from a cash pool of EUR 13,000, opportunities to get a trip to China and internship opportunities, gain certificates, and many Huawei souvenirs 

Venue to be announced soon.


Prizes & Incentives

Pitch your solutions for the chance to be rewarded by Huawei during the Final Hackathon:

A cash reward of EUR 6,000 to the top-placing team

A cash reward of EUR 4,000 to the second-placing team

A cash reward of EUR 1,500 to each of the 2 third-placing teams

A total of 4 teams will be defined as Huawei competition students and offered internal internship opportunities

The top students will have the opportunity to attend a visit-trip to Huawei in China

All participants who make it to the Final Hackathon will receive great and unique Huawei souvenirs.

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