2023 Tech Arena UK

Discovering New Algorithms for Predictors in Computer Architecture!


Design novel predictor algorithms and unlock amazing insights with Computer Architecture at the

Huawei 2023 Tech Arena UK!

(Eligible for UK students)


Explore the potential algorithm for better prediction used in CPU branch/data/value predictor!

Huawei Tech Arena is an annual competition across European universities.
As an industry leader in information and communications technology and infrastructure and smart devices, Huawei is eager to work with the generation of innovation thinkers. 
The Huawei 2023 Tech Arena Challenge is a unique opportunity to work with Huawei experts, access a Huawei internship opportunity, and win a cash prize out of a pool of GBP 15,000!

That’s not all! You will also have the opportunity to gain certificates and many Huawei souvenirs

Join the revolution in Machine Learning and shape the future of exploration. Don't miss out—register now and unleash the power of Computer Architecture innovation!


You have until November 15 to register on the platform and complete the 2 tasks of the Huawei Tech Arena UK! 

For each task, you will have the chance to attend an online webinar to prepare and equip yourself for a higher chance to win!



    Now Until Nov. 15, 2023(Submission deadline for all tasks: 15 November 2023. )

    Register on the platform to participate, attend online webinars and complete the 2 tasks!


    Nov. 16-19, 2023

    3 days for evaluation!


    Nov. 20, 2023

    Join our final day ceremony in London!

Final Day Ceremony

November 20, 2023 

  Finalists will have the opportunity to work with their teammates on the presentation of their innovations, in front of the Huawei Jury Panel, in a fully equipped space with access to food and drinks and get a chance to win many prizes in London, UK! 


The Top Three finalist teams will win prizes from a cash pool of GBP 15,000, internship opportunities, Huawei souvenirs and many more! 

 Prizes & Incentives 

Pitch your proposals for the chance to be rewarded by Huawei:

A cash reward of GBP 6,000 to the top-placing team

A cash reward of GBP 4,500 to the second-placing team

A cash reward of GBP 2,500 to the third-placing team

  • The 3 winning teams will be offered internal internship opportunities
  • All finalists will receive excellent and unique Huawei souvenirs (total worth GBP 2,000)

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